Saturday, March 03, 2007

Can't Broadcast for S---

Among other things, the most recent NFL season showed us that some of CBS' broadcast teams are awful. Apparently that extends to its NCAA coverage as well.

I'm watching the Michigan-Ohio State game, Tommy Amaker's last regular-season game at Michigan, and Thad Matta must be thrilled to know that CBS brought its #10 announcing team to Ann Arbor to announce his #1 team's game with the Wolverines.

Enberg is tolerable. I suppose he gets a pass, somewhat, because he's about 90, but Dan Bonner is an idiot. The first reference to Michigan State instead of Michigan is a freebie: in two and a half hours, you can make one egregious mistake, sure. Three in one half indicates a poorly-prepared announcer, an unintelligent announcer, or both. There was also a reference to someone named Odom, I think. If I recall correctly, a) Lamar Odom went to Rhode Island b) several seasons ago. The young man staying in Columbus temporarily is Oden. O-d-e-n.

Naturally, the producer is reminding Enberg to point out that Michigan is on the bubble about once every five minutes.

I doubt that all the broadcast teams went to hell all of a sudden. I must not have noticed as much when I was younger.

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