Wednesday, March 21, 2007

360: Separation, part 7

So I got a phone call around noon today - unrecognized number, I wouldn't have answered it if I'd been at my phone. It's a Greensboro, NC number. I know people in NC, but probably not there. Who could it be? No message, just a number.

Well, actually, there was a message. Much later in the day, my cell phone confessed that yes, I had missed a call, and that there was voice mail waiting for me. Turns out it was UPS, presumably with my refurbished 360 (because I'm not expecting anything else). Of course, the automated system didn't wait for my message to finish before speaking, so I missed the first part of their message, so I have no tracking number.

But wait! I'm smarter than that. I checked the website, and what do you know? They provided me everything except the 1Z. (Clever company. Use a system for your tracking numbers, but don't make it obvious.) It is, indeed, coming from 360ville (McAllen, TX), scheduled to arrive tomorrow, which means I'll likely pick it up Friday, after we do the door dance (I take a late lunch and miss the guy, UPS guy leaves me an InfoNotice, I call back and have them hold it). I like how they let you sign something to leave your packages, but then half the packages you get can't be left anyway.

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