Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's understood ...

Got my first perfect score on Hard today (GH II): Strutter. It's by far the easiest song in the first couple of sets, which means it's probably the easiest Hard song of all. For as well as I know Surrender, I just can't get a couple of the phrases down, and Message in a Bottle has way too many notes to get easily.

When I finally stumbled through Woman to unlock the second set, I got four stars on Message in a Bottle, then tried Strutter. Five stars the first time, and no missed notes until about halfway through. I finished the rest of the set (three stars on each), knocked out Them Bones (3) and Monkey Wrench (4), and came back to finish up Strutter.

What makes it so easy is that there aren't any speed notes (sixteenths or faster - at least I think they're sixteenths), and the only orange notes can be played with your pinky without having to play other notes.

Unfortunately, I had the time to practice because my 360 apparently died. It's locking up pretty much every time I play a game, and of course it didn't happen a month ago while it was still under warranty. Well, we'll see what happens. I have a feeling I'm going to be out some money. Now, if only there were something to keep me out of the house for a few days this week ...

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