Monday, September 29, 2008


no Xbox Live.


I knew it was coming, but I forgot until I logged in today.

no Xbox Live.

no DLC.

no leaderboards.

no dated achievements.

Sure, it's only for 24 hours, and I'm sure the folks at are handling this appropriately, but still.

It's almost like the old days, back when we didn't know how anyone else did except our friends.


Is it the 30th yet?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is a good bug

Check this out. Amazingly, this happens in my favor. Let's just say that if it happened to me, I might have quit the game for good.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Matt Millen has been fired.

In other news, George W. Bush admitted that he is a corrupt fool surrounded by charlatans and will resign with his entire staff, effective immediately; John McCain acknowledged that the philosophical differences between the W administration and his prospective administration would be as small as Sarah Palin's brain; and I might have a chance with Angie Harmon.

oh really? Trust me, up until today, I'd have put all four thoughts in the same category.

Sorry, don't have time to post any more. I've got to get back to work on my "Jason Sehorn sux" letters.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Apple = fail

What's the difference between Apple and Microsoft?

Apple doesn't think they do that stuff.

So now iPhone software 2.1 has been released, supposedly fixing issues with dropped calls and stuff like that (oh sure, I believe that) ... but of course you can't just update your phone, you have to update iTunes, and of course this is now a new version, so all of this other stuff changes and iTunes has to help you out with all that, and naturally it takes the focus and locks out other applications and wants you to close this app and that app and wants you to restart your computer even though this is XP and you aren't supposed to need to do that ...

and then after you get through all of that, you have to download and install the software for the phone. And then sync it. And all that.

This is progress? This is the stuck-up jackass on TV who smirks at you every time you think about buying a PC, because obviously anything made by Apple is so much better?

I'll tell you what. As soon as the ETF is out of the way, I'm gone. Not getting another iPhone, not using AT&T. This is crap.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rock Band 2 live blog


Keep in mind I have been avoiding the setlist, so I don't really know what I'm going to play.

8:45 PM: got my guitarist and band set up. I may have to do vocals soon, though, because my first set includes:

Eye of the Tiger

Oh hell yes!

9:00 PM: Oh my goodness. I know an L7 song. Who knew?

Oh yeah, I forgot: great intro music, especially because I just saw Cheap Trick last week, and they did play that song!

9:07 PM: Switched quickly to vocals so I could sing. Very, very nice. Huge improvement over RB. Didn't even have to create a new character. (Five-starred Eye of the Tiger on Expert. Yeah, I'm that good. Modesty not required. :) )

9:30 PM: The sync process is much, much better. I finally feel like I'm actually playing to the music, both watching and listening. It's a quick process even if you don't have the new wireless controllers (those are supposed to sync automatically if you let them).

9:45 PM: Ugh. Beastie Boys. Couldn't they pick good rap?

Got my van. Hey, it's a newer one.

10:25 PM: Challenges. Very cool. Some for the band, some for guitar, some for vocals, some for drums, and YES! Some for bass! (Also, you can finally play the bass in "solo" mode – remember that there isn't a difference between solo and band play.)

Ratt: cool. (Way cool. Junior.) Go-Go's, yum!

End of night: I really like what they've done with this. The challenges are cool, and they do increase in difficulty, even for bass. Finally, we bassists get some love: there are most definitely difficult songs on here. (I can still manage Expert pretty well, though. Gold-starred Message in a Bottle. RL experience does help, you know.)

I want to keep unlocking stuff, but I suppose I need some sleep. Can't wait for the new drum set to arrive so I can work on drums ...

I saw that Ratt and the Go-Go's were also on Rocks the '80s. Hopefully they pulled a few more songs off that game. I played Bad Company and Billy Idol as well, very nice. I also like how my DLC from Rock Band shows up just fine. (Wonder if they fixed the problem with Blink.)

Too bad I've got plans all three days this weekend. Have to wait for the following weekend for a rockout.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bug o' the day

EA Sports thinks that the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Army-Air Force game. They even wrote up some crap about it, thinking that Army actually won it in 2006 from Air Force.

Um, no.

It goes to the winner of the games between the three service academies. Yes, the Army-Navy game can decide who wins the trophy.

Anyone with an ounce of college football history could explain this. Unfortunately, no one like that works at EA Sports.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another bug

Yep, this is a bug. What kind of bug? AI.

If you have a six-point lead, the defense has no timeouts left, and you have the ball in their end of the field, you should

a) kneel down and run as much time off the clock as you can, kicking a FG only if you have to;
b) run the ball up the middle, staying in bounds, but otherwise doing a); or
c) do this.

That's right. I score the game-winning TD. Thanks, AI!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Just got back from the Cheap Trick/Heart/Journey concert. Awesome show. I saw Journey last year with Def Leppard, and Cheap Trick about 20 years ago at Purdue with some strange opening band I couldn't name, but I've never seen Heart.

Cheap Trick was about what I expected, a decent opener, played most of the good songs (except Ain't That a Shame; you could add Don't Be Cruel and Magical Mystery Tour for good covers) and a few I couldn't remember. I always laugh when I hear them introduce Bun E. Carlos. It's amazing that they're all still touring, you know?

Heart was excellent: I knew all but one song, and they covered Going to California, and to my surprise, Love Reign O'er Me, complete with the violins (well, synthesizers, but you know what I mean). I will say that the years have not been kind to Ann Wilson, but she can still sing.

Journey was awesome. The new singer is very good. I can't imagine what he must be thinking right now ... going from covering Journey to being the lead singer, well, I don't know how you could describe that. Anyway, they're one of the best bands to sing to that I've ever seen, and they did their set list very well. When they went from Open Arms to Don't Stop Believin' to Faithfully, well, let's just say it got a little dusty out there.

We didn't stay through the end of the set; we'd all seen them before and wanted to get out early. (And boy, did we. 15 minutes to get home, I think.)

Three solid bands for $25, and that included parking. They don't make deals like that very often, boys and girls. I would highly recommend seeing this tour if it comes to a city near you.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Hell yes it's a great movie. I have it on DVD, so it must be good. (I don't have the other two. yet.)

Anyway, the good: met some of the Football Outsiders guys at the book signing event here in Indy, at the IUPUI bookstore/B&N. (Yeah, weird branding. Almost like B&N is pretending they don't actually run the school bookstore. Before you scream "Shady!", which it is, realize that there were already a number of shady college bookstore chains. B&N just joined the mess. Come to think of it, "shady" and "college bookstore" is probably redundant. Back on topic ...) Not too many folks there, so we got quality time with the FO guys, lots of good conversation. You missed out on that (and probably on the book, Pro Football Prospectus 2008), so check out the site.

The bad: I decided to check the duct from the dryer to the wall for lint buildup - thought I smelled a little moisture in the last dryer load.

Big mistake. For one thing, there wasn't anything to clean. at all. For another, I hate this task. My stupid flexible duct is held on by those stupid things that you have to pinch together to move. Removing = not a problem. Replacing = big problem, especially if you do not have strong hands and are not particularly skilled in such things.

Now, the guy who had this house built was pretty cheap, so I'm hoping there's a good way to get those replaced with something I can actually move easily. I would gladly pay to have that improved so I can do this regularly.

The ugly: Sunday. I can't wait until Ford sells the Lions.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Someone has to point this stuff out

I wonder if they even realize what they're doing. I mean, this is the 21st century. People do tape what you say, and they will play it back, and they will point out hypocrisy.

No value at all

The "ice" feature in NCAA 09 is complete crap. Apparently it's "in the game" that when the other team calls a timeout before a late FG attempt, you no longer can see where the uprights are or how hard you'll kick the ball, and you have to watch from ground level. Not field level, ground level, as if you were lying on the ground filming the game.

Totally stupid. And, of course, there's an additional bug - when you call a timeout prior to that, you don't get to select your boost, because the other team's "ice" ruins it for you.

EA Sports. If it's not in the game, we added it anyway because we don't know what the hell we're doing.

Sorry ...

Yeah, I know, didn't blog at all. Too much going on. I should have kept better track. Anyway, I picked up McFadden, Maroney, and Steve Slaton (remember, it's a keeper league) at RB, Galloway at WR, Ben Watson as a backup TE for Gates' bye week, and the Eagles defense to replace the Giants.

In the Fracas, I got Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, and then I got stuck with Atlanta. Oh well. No one else was high on the Eagles, so I probably overspent on them, and then I had no leverage for my fourth pick. We'll see how bad that was ...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Auction draft tonight

It's a keeper league, so I may not have a lot to post. I'll try a live blog. We'll see how it goes.

I'm keeping ...

QB Tom Brady $19
QB Matt Hasselbeck $12
RB Brandon Jackson $3
RB Fred Taylor $5
WR Nate Burleson $4
WR Larry Fitzgerald $12
WR Derrick Mason $4
TE Antonio Gates $14
PK Stephen Gostkowski $3

$115 cap, start 1 QB, 2-4 RB, 2-4 WR, 1 of the rest.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

A helpful tip for saving a date and time in Access using ColdFusion

two steps ...

1. Use odbccreatedatetime() so that you have an ODBC object with both date and time, otherwise all Access gets is a date.
2. Use cf_sql_timestamp (you are using cfqueryparam, right?), so that the ODBC driver understands it's getting a date-time parameter.

Ta da! Date and time in your Access database.

Bug o' the day

Fourth quarter, I'm up 11 late and the other team has no timeouts, so we just want them to run out the clock. We kick off, I finally get my man downfield without having to shake any blocks ...

... and I pass right through the return man.

EA = teh suck.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Guess who's back, back again ...

Chocula's back, tell a friend ...

Woo hoo! Count Chocula! (I bought three boxes. Hey, it keeps for a long time. I may go back for more.) That means three things. One, lots of sugar in the morning! (Do not tell my dentist, my orthodontist, or my wellness counselor – since when is "wellness" a word? – I said that.) Two, it's Halloween season! And three, my birthday is just around the corner, which means a free dessert at BWW.

In other news, the NFL's website sucks. The shop is completely broken. I have to sneak onto a certain page the roundabout way or it won't load. (Also, IE is screwed up again on my laptop, no surprise. I hate to try IE 7 again because it broke my internet connectivity last time, and besides, IE 7 sucks, it has so many CSS holes ...)