Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dear Bud,

I wanted to let you and your fellow idiots know that I canceled my Extra Innings package. It's getting to the point where your ineptness is too difficult to ignore. For years and years, you've insisted upon changing baseball to be more like other sports, when in fact it's the very things you changed that were attracting fans to the sport. In case you hadn't noticed, matched up head-to-head, baseball will lose to virtually every other sport.

But this is really too much. You may not be aware that the NFL's insistence on working only with DirecTV in the US has been hotly debated, and that millions of NFL fans are furious about it, but (for now) powerless to change it. (We won't even mention Gary Bettman's attempts to hide the NHL completely.) If you're going to copy another sport's televising plans, I'd recommend the NBA. David Stern knows a lot more about how to manage a sport internationally.

Furthermore, you're looking to the wrong group for examples on what to do when you're caught doing something really stupid. Politicians generally a) lie, b) blame others, c) ignore questions, d) insist it was in the past, and e) grudgingly admit only what's rubbed in their face, usually in that order, and usually at the media equivalent of gunpoint. While you wallow in your stupidity, more baseball fans will be unable to watch their favorite teams (or most teams, for that matter), and at the same time, they'll be able to watch the NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, NFL and NCAA football regular seasons. Great move.

If you'd step down prior to ruining what's left of the national pastime, I'd appreciate it.

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