Thursday, March 22, 2007

360: Separation, part 8

Well, it's in town. Of course, I don't have it, because the UPS guy arrived at a different time. So I entered the InfoNotice number and will pick it up tomorrow.

Things I think are funny:
  • The approximate time of the next attempt is 10:30-2:00, which is funny because I took a late lunch in anticipation of this, and he didn't show up until 2:55 or so.
  • You can't change the delivery option for a package until an attempt has been made, and you can't change it via the website at all without an InfoNotice number. You can't make a change for the following day's delivery after 7, and you can't pick up a package after 7. I wish I could work like this. "Sorry, I have something of yours, but you can't come get it, you can't tell me where else to leave it, and you have to wait until after I fail to deliver it to get it yourself."

Sounds like cable service. The best part is that I've already told them to leave everything they can, but half the stuff I order can't be left no matter what. Funny how FedEx doesn't seem to have a problem with that.

What they need is to hire a skeleton crew to work nights, so that you can pick up your package in the evening, after the trucks are back. Then we could get our stuff the day we'd asked for it to be delivered.

I'm just saying.

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