Saturday, February 24, 2007


So I've been playing Saints Row for the last couple of weeks, trying to get to 100% so I can a) wrap up the single-player achievements and b) get closer to finishing the Old Spice Challenge.

Anyway, as part of their stupidity, the developers decided that you couldn't "finish" the last mission unless you had everything else in the game done first. (The mission itself is really, really stupid. Good for the storyline, bad for gameplay.) I had maybe a third of the tags and fewer CDs. The good folks over at have a forum with lists and maps for both tags and CDs.

The first time through, I got 73 of the 75 tags. Boo.

I went over it again, more carefully, and found one tag I'd missed. 74.

So I'd read that some people had been unable to finish the last tag for some reason. Figuring maybe my save game was corrupted, I started a new game and went just for tags. (Fortunately for playing, but unfortunately for my taste for Honey BBQ, crappy weather canceled my BWW plans tonight.) Same result, 74 tags.

So I went over to and looked at their map, complete with screenshots for each tag. And lo and behold, one of the tags I thought I'd found was part of a set that you do for one mission, but that doesn't count toward the overall total.


Hey, at least I got them all. 10 more points, one step closer. Now, I just need two CDs and I can knock out the final mission. That just might do it.

boo games that make you do all this crap without even being able to mark the in-game map by block, for example, to indicate where you've searched. They could actually keep track of the ones you've found on the map, too, but I guess that would be helpful.

Guitar Hero II for the 360: 37 days.

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