Friday, August 31, 2007

AT&T sucks

I'd like to dump my long-distance carrier, because long distance is a ripoff, and I'd like to do it online, because I don't trust the CSRs.

However, AT&T has thwarted me. For three straight days now, their site has been unavailable to me. No reason why, no apologies, just hey, you can't get in, try again later. And why not stop by, because what better way to sell you on more of our crap than by not letting you see what you've got now?

Yeah, the whole reconsolidation of the phone industry, not a good thing.

The problem is that my local cable company sucks, so I won't get digital cable/broadband through them, and I want Sunday Ticket, so I have to have DirecTV, so I need a phone line.

At least my DSL service is pretty good.

Anyway, AT&T sucks, but everyone knows that.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Yeah, I know, I should be blogging more, but I've been busy, running here and there. Nothing like being rained on at Wrigley, you know.

Anyway, Cyberball is coming to XBLA next week. Sweet! I might have to play a couple of MAME games just to get in the mood for it.
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