Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weigh-in 8: -0.5 pounds

So, I have a confession to make. I'm falling into the same old traps. I'm being a bit more careful about what I'm eating, but I'm not really exercising much, and I suspect I'm eating more than I should. As a result, I really haven't dropped much this month, and the only reason I have is because I had the one good "week" right after my first bad week.

We talked a lot about this at book club tonight, and honestly, for me it's two things. One is that heart, I really am selfish, which means that I really don't care that much about what you think of me. I mean, I try to do the right thing and be a good guy and all, but ultimately it's not because I want you to think better of me. This kind of defeats accountability.

The other is that I'm really difficult to motivate. When I put my mind to something, it gets done. There are plenty of examples I can show for that. However, if I don't put my mind to it ... see, I think the root cause is that I've already achieved my main goal in life. Odd as it may seem, ever since I was a kid, all I wanted was to get out of my parents' houses and be self-sufficient. So, I did. That kind of defeats most reward systems ... that and the fact that I'm not terribly careful with my money. If I want something and it's reasonable, I probably already have it. If it's not reasonable, it's probably not something that should be a reward.

See, it's not that I'm difficult, it's that I don't make anything easy.

I'll get there. I know it's important to be healthy. I'd love to reach my goal weight. I vaguely remember what it was like to be that light. I just have to figure out how best to motivate me ...


  1. Motivation is the key! I am with you where I have achieved my big three (owning my own home, going to Europe and finishing college), what else is there! Weight Loss...I loved the fact that our book club meeting turned into weight loss group thearpy...did it solve anything no...but it made me think.

    So...perhaps you need a drill Sargent to come to the house every day and tell you what to eat and yell at you to exersise...

  2. Wouldn't help. I'd just tune that out. Too much practice ...

    I think it's the opposite. What I need to do is find encouragement at the decision times ... when I'm thinking about skipping my workout, I need that boost, right then.

    Hmm. I do have Photoshop at work ... maybe I just need to draw what my goal would look like on me.

    Or maybe I need to do some long-term planning. Having achieved goals at this point in my life shouldn't mean that I don't have more (and possibly bigger) goals.

    I thought it was nice to talk about something that we could all relate to in some way. (Now if we could all talk about the book! ha ha. I bet you did last month!)

  3. You should do that photo-shop thing and make it your facebook photo. You would have to look at it every day.

  4. I am more than willing to say "Come on over and do Jillian's Shred with me three times a week." And you're always invited on Thursday/Friday walks. If only it would stop raining....

    The key is to find exercise that you enjoy, I think. I mean, it's a chore to get me to do Jillian's Shred because it's SO hard. It probably has super great results, but again, SO HARD. But walking....I mean, I can walk for miles (obviously) and I love it. I love the outdoors, the hills, my dog running around. I think that's part of why I have my most successful weight losses in the summertime.

    Nate's all, "You should run!" But I know that's not sustainable because I hate running with a passion. Great results, but if I'm not going to keep it up....

    Just get your bike fixed, and you, Candy and I will bike together once per week. :-)

  5. I am definitely in for biking once a week. No more excuses, get your bike fixed! It's Fun!


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