Thursday, April 02, 2009

Weigh-in 4: +0.5 pounds

So, not my best effort ... but if you will indulge me, I did have two unexpected events this weekend, and I did choose poorly at times when I was there.

On the other hand, I was "too tired" to work out Monday night. (I did nap for about 90 minutes, but it wasn't like I couldn't have pulled out Wii Fit afterward.)

Besides, I know that I'm making progress. One of the things about weighing myself in the afternoon (we have morning and afternoon weigh-ins to catch people on either side of the workday; I pick afternoon because getting here early is not my idea of fun) is that I know it'll be more variable: what I had for lunch, how I've been drinking water, etc. But when I weigh myself at home, it's in the morning, and I do use Wii Fit often enough that it gives me a decent picture.

Still, it would have been nice to hold steady last week ... then again, I weighed myself here at work this morning, and I was 3.5 pounds under what I weighed yesterday. :)


  1. That Sucks! I guess this is a sign to step away form the nachos, or be happy with your weight.

  2. exactly. And it's not like I can't have the nachos any more ... I just need to do something to offset them.

    My boss (taller, heavier, more weight to lose, also experienced at weight loss) and I were talking about this at lunch. It's so easy to see in retrospect, but also easy to understand how I didn't see it while it was happening. It's all the little stuff, but it's a ton of little stuff.

    Kind of like debt, too, except debt can pile up much quicker. Still, most people in debt don't have a single event that got them: it was all the little things, but years and years of little things.

    At least the nachos were good! The worst thing is to eat something that's bad for you and have it not taste that good anyway.

  3. I completely agree. It is the small say to tonight won't hurt...but it does. I do think that the food thing is much harder to fix than adding exercise.

  4. The problem with that is that it's 60% what you eat and 40% the exercise when it comes to losing weight. And that's a conservative estimate. Exercise is much more important in maintaining a weight than losing weight.

    I, too, am experienced in the ways of diet :-)

    PS. I miss "Lions, Tigers, no Bears." Where did that go? It made me giggle.

  5. I removed it a ways back. I got bored with it.

    I don't think there are hard and fast ratios when it comes to food and exercise. I think it can vary greatly between people ... it depends partly on what you were doing before and partly on what you can do now.

    If you're supposed to net 2100 calories a day and you're eating 2800 and not exercising, then you might have an easier time dropping 500 from food and 200 from exercise. If you're already eating reasonably, though ...

    Plus I would imagine there are some people who simply won't modify their eating habits enough to make a difference, so they have to make it up through exercise.

  6. I have never been able to loose weight with diet modifications alone....I keep trying to do it with exercise alone...but it never works. I say this as I contemplate driving to CVS for a sweet treat, since my house is devoid of all dessert.


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