Sunday, April 26, 2009

No service needed

So, now that real spring is here, it gets warm. I remembered this during the day, wearing shorts and a T-shirt and having the ceiling fan on, but I forgot at night.

Sometime around the second period of the Anaheim-San Jose game, I remembered again. Looked at the thermostat. 80 degrees.

oops. I like it closer to 75 when I'm sleeping. Oh well, late night. I turn on the AC and go back to the game.

Fast forward an hour or so ... getting ready for bed, about to scoop the cat boxes, when I go through the hall and see ... 80 degrees.

hmm. How long ago did I turn on the AC? More than a minute, right?


Fortunately, I remember the last time this happened. I call for service, the guy comes out, gets the AC working, and tells me "see this? The fan blades weren't moving. Pretty much all I did was stick a screwdriver in there and knock them loose. If this happens again, try that first and save yourself some money."

So I did. And it seems to be working ... well, at least the compressor is running. The fan seems to be running, although a little weakly. And it's 90 minutes later, which means it'll take that much longer to cool down ... mind you, I enjoy my Facebook time, but I'd rather not be spending it now ...


  1. I just turned on my AC an hour ago and I have a significantly more energy now that I am not hot.

    Good Call fixing it yourself. I had a repair man out to fix my garage door opener a couple months ago and they told me I had spider webs covering the sensors. That did not make me happy.

  2. Yeah, AC and heat are things I spend money on. In the car, I don't use them much, but at home, like you say, too hot or too cold can mess up other things. I don't know how ems does it.

    Now the garage sensor I fixed myself. Snow will do it too.

    The best one is sunlight. At the right time of year, when I leave late enough (not possible working 8-5), the sunlight shines in perfectly on the sensor. To close the garage, I have to get out of the car with the opener and stand between the sun and the garage.

    That one took quite a bit of time to figure out myself ...

  3. Don't you love the JOYS of home ownership!

  4. lol, there are times when it costs considerably more than I would prefer ... like once a month, sometime between the 29th and the 1st.

    Then again, there are so many things about it that I love ... for example, last night while I was out fixing the AC, I heard the neighbors two or three houses down wrapping up a party, I guess. I couldn't hear it that well, and inside, I heard nothing at all. Other than an occasional stereo in a car during the day, I really don't hear noise from other people's houses. That in and of itself can make owning a home worthwhile. :)

  5. I do it with fans. Lots of fans and a nice cross breeze. It's July when you need to be checking my sanity.

    Although this year I think we're splurging on an A/C for the bedroom. No more sleeping (or not sleeping) in the atrocious heat.


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