Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Weigh-in 5: -3.5 pounds

We had a team lunch today: healthy crock-pot enchiladas and a nice make-your-own salad, complete with fat-free croutons and real bacon bits. I'm the only afternoon weigh-in on the team, so while everyone else was enjoying the food, I was a little careful. (Not much, though. I don't really focus a lot on the scale itself, other than within an hour or so of the time, and then only to ensure I don't drink a pound of water right before I go in.)

Good thing, too, because as 5:00 drew near, my team had gained 1.75 pounds, with just two of us left to weigh in. No pressure. (Well, I did gain last week ...) I felt pretty comfortable, though, because I'd worked out last night and had eaten carefully most of the week. My weight the day before was around -2, so I figured I'd lose a pound, 2 at most.

But no. The scale shot up to 188 and held steady (it's a digital scale and usually goes right to your weight, with maybe an occasional .5 here or there). Down 3.5 from last week ... so for competition's sake, it was an excellent week. Right now, I'm tied for fifth this week with two people yet to weigh in. Subway, here we come! (Plus 45 cents, of course. 7% tax + 2% local, whee.)

A more realistic view is that I lost 3 pounds in two weeks, which is basically right where I've been to this point (10 pounds in 5 weeks, 4 pounds that first week). Maybe last Tuesday or Wednesday wasn't as good as it should have been, and it just affected me on the scale that day.

Plus, I tempted fate by stopping at Starbucks afterward (light tall caramel frappuccino, which was made more difficult by the fact that the Starbucks guy thought my friend was saying "white" instead of "light"), but even with whip, it's only about 300 calories. And it was worth it.

So. 20% in, 26% of my goal to date. Yo, more of the same, dude.


  1. Good Job! I commend you for sticking to it. I find that most people lose interest after a few weeks of the challenges at my work (this includes me). Do you have a plan for long term results?

  2. We are getting together as a group, next week I think, to share meal ideas and such. We'll have weekly winners through the end of May for short-term incentives, which helps a little.

    I don't yet have rewards set for me, which could be a problem. The problem is that there aren't too many things that are reasonable to get that I don't get for myself anyway ... another factor is that I send out the weekly results messages, so in addition to posting on my blog for 5 people to read, I list my progress for all the contestants to see.

    My boss is a competitive person, so that helps ... plus we are encouraging the mentors to do little challenges within their teams and with other teams. For example, my mentor has a challenge this week: if we meet or exceed a goal she set for us based on our progress to date, she'll buy lunch at Applebee's for us next week. (For each winner, that is.) My goal is 2.5 pounds ... which I can certainly do, lol. (She also joked about throwing in Baskin-Robbins if we lost an extra pound. I just might take her up on it if I do!)

    In a sense, I'm approaching it kind of like a 12-step program, not worrying about the future. Right now, I'm thinking about losing weight for next week, and that's it.

  3. Good Plan...we also do mini challenges with-in our groups and it is usually helpful.

    I commend you for posting your results each week. I was very surprised the first time I saw it, and I thought to myself that it was an excellent way to keep yourself accountable. I have thought about doing that myself, but I haven't initiated that yet.

    Are you still using your wii fit for exercise. I bet you have more time now that the basketball season is over ;)

  4. Yep, I thought it would be a good way to keep my friends posted, but also a way for them to keep an eye on me ... the people who do read the blog are most likely to apply pressure if I end up slacking.

    I do use Wii Fit. Right now, my plan is 3 times a week at the Y (so I hit the minimum 10 times in a month for our corporate discount) and 3 times a week on the Wii, just 30 minutes each time. I've unlocked enough exercises that I can get a pretty good cardio workout now. Strength, well, most of the exercises are isometric, I think? So they can be effective, but there's a limit, in much the same way as the cardio stuff.

    And yes, I do have "more" time now! (Of course I had the same amount before, I was choosing to use it differently ...)


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