Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weigh-in 6: -1 pound

Strange result this week. It looked like I was going to gain up until Tuesday or so, at least at work. At home, Wii Fit had me pretty much level, although it was hard to say because I missed a couple of days. (I'm definitely getting a dethatching tool at some point, and by "tool", I mean "machine".) And I may have affected the outcome by not eating as much at work. But still, it was another pound.

Next up: increasing my cardio work. A bit longer each time, plus more consistent visits to the Y (so I can keep that discount). Once I get that down, I'll probably drop off the cardio here and there to work in more weight training.

Didn't get the free lunch at Applebee's, though ... ha ha, too bad last week's result didn't count toward that!


  1. My coach at work has challenged our team to go the next two weeks without junk food. That includes Coke. I don't think I will make it.

    Good job with another successful week.

  2. Thanks!

    I will borrow from another source and give you this advice: don't think about two weeks. Tomorrow morning, think about Friday. On Friday, you won't have any junk food. When you wake up Saturday, do the same thing: on Saturday, you won't have any junk food.

    If a day is too long, then focus on whatever length of time you can manage: you won't have any junk food at work, or in the morning ... or even in the next hour. Then just repeat that until you can extend the amount of time.

  3. I will try that strategy...however I already had a diet coke today.


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