Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weigh-in 7: +0.5 pounds

No big surprises here: I didn't exercise much, I had at least one evening (poker night) where I wasn't as careful as I could have been (although I was pretty good), and I didn't get as much sleep as I should. I didn't do what I needed to do and the results bore that out.

Then again, I wasn't particularly good and almost maintained. It's possible I could have another 3.5-pound week next week. Also, my home numbers have stayed the same or dropped a touch, and I lost another &14frac; inch from my waist, which is really my big concern. If my waist gets down to where it ought to be (which is, um, I don't know ... 34?), we'll see where my weight and body fat are.

Overall, I earned what I got and I'm not too worried. I feel good about the choices I've been making ... while the contest only runs through August (I can't win the February prize, so I'm not that worried about that part; if we get a reward for maintaining at or below our goal weight, that's a little different), this is more about changing life habits, and so far that's working out pretty well for me.


  1. Ok...I am sure you will do better next week. Do you have a strategy for more sleep and exercise?

  2. That is a good question. I have been doing a little better with sleep and exercise, but I do not have specific goals.

    I think I also need to work on inchpebbles and rewards ... ems suggested a Kindle 2 if I hit my goal by August, which is great for the long run, but maybe I need something more reasonable for a weekly thing: say 5 workouts (3 at the Y and 2 on the Wii) and I get a small something, or each workout counts as points toward something bigger that I can "redeem" every month, or something like that.

    I will have to put some thought into that. Sometimes I like to pretend I can just wing it and things will work out. Usually, it's more a case of "fail to plan, plan to fail".

    Thanks for commenting regularly! It keeps me accountable. I find that I'm more honest with myself and others when more people are asking me how I'm doing. It's easier to lie when it's just me, or me and one or two other people.

  3. I was totally going to post last night about how I should start keeping track, so this would be "week one" and I'm -2. This time is a little different since my main objection with WW was the writing everything down. This time I just tried to make better decisions every time I was hungry. So I was -2 yesterday morning. But then I ate a sizeable salad for dinner, and had some ice cream for dessert. I know it's just the food in my stomach, but still, it's disheartening to see that immediately show up the next morning on the scale. Boo to that garbage.

  4. And that is one reason why they suggest that you do not weigh yourself every day. It is too easy to get distracted by temporary changes. Water, for example. (One ounce = one ounce.)

    Don't worry about how much your food weighs. Think about the difference between what you would have eaten before and what you ate last night.

  5. It is definitely easier to lie if it is just you. I commend you for forecasting your successes and failures. I keep considering it for my blog, but then I don't do it. Maybe after my vacation.

    I like Ems idea of a Kindle 2 if you reach your accomplishment in August. However, I would be VERY jealous as I only have the original Kindle.

    Ems, I know you hate it but I do find it much easier to be successfully if I do keep track of my food. I do realize that this is an instance of do as I say and not as I do.

    Good Luck to all of us this week!


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