Friday, September 08, 2006

NCAA/NFL recap, September 7

Yeah, I saw parts of Pittsburgh-Miami also (no, NFL - no way would Wannstedt schedule the Hurricanes now), but you can find that on your own.

Oregon State vs. Boise State. The best in the WAC against, um, a team in the Pac-10. This is what I saw:

  • Oregon State fake punt from their own 25, gaining about 25. TD drive.
  • Oregon State punt return TD (well, I didn't see it, but it still happened).
  • Boise State domination the rest of the game.

So, beware special teams play. Sometimes it makes you forget why you had to rely on it in the first place. Also, memo to Oregon State: it's legal to tackle the ballcarrier. Go ahead, you can do it.

The Johnson kid was pretty strong and fast. If the Beavers hope to contend in the Pac-10 this year, they'll have to work on their defense a little. Their back, Bernard, reminded me a little of Ken Simonton, but it might just have been the hair. Then again, Simonton's last NFL mention was the following: "Detroit Lions sign RB Jamel White, waive RB Ken Simonton", so maybe Bernard should take advantage of his college years while they last.

Dolphins-Steelers? Well, I suspect that DVOA will show that the Steelers won in spite of Charlie Batch rather than because of him. NBC's production was terrible. Hopefully they'll have NFL-caliber people in place for Sunday's game. Note to NBC: quarterback rating is not a percentage.

I did discover that my dislike of the Steelers exceeds my apathy toward the Dolphins, so like all good fantasy owners, I rooted for Willie Parker and the Dolphins defense. The only good sequence was when Parker took the ball to the one, came out of the game (boo) only to see Batch cough it up on the five (yay).

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