Saturday, September 16, 2006

The devil made me do it.

It wasn't my fault. Costco made me.

I've been holding off upgrading my TV for a long time, even though the first time I saw an HD display for a 360, I was impressed, and when my long-time sports bar upgraded to HD for football season, I was more than a little impressed. Basically, it was three things: cost, cost, and the knowledge that I'd have to upgrade my satellite system eventually, meaning more cost.

So Costco sends me an e-mail every now and then, trying to get me to buy things. This one was no exception. Blah blah special, blah blah special, $500 off an HD TV special, blah blah special ...


$500 off?

Oh my.

So my credit card jumped out and bought one. I didn't do it. I had nothing to do with it.

Naturally, the TV arrived much later than the accompanying stand (which was just as well, it doesn't fit the stand very well, so I'll hang onto that until I get a TV that fits it better - yes, I have several TVs and will eventually upgrade them all, like the commercial where the guy has an HDTV in every room, including on the ceiling and in his drawers). It got here Thursday. I was clever enough to be home to sign for it because I'd had a package that they wouldn't leave the week before, and they carefully noted the time they'd stopped by each day - three visits, all between 1:30 and 2:00. Sure enough, at 1:30, the doorbell rings, and the UPS guy is walking back to the truck, leaving the TV on the doorstep. (So you left this, but didn't leave the other package, much less valuable? No big deal, just odd ...)

I hooked it up last night. The difference, even at 480i, was amazing. Set to 1080i, it was stunning. The graphics in PGR3 were awesome (too bad they detract from the gameplay), and I can read the cards so much better in Texas Hold 'Em. Even the standard satellite signal is clearer (and the TV is bigger, of course), so I can see it from the kitchen. Unfortunately, the slowest setting on my DVR looks like crap. I'll have to try the faster settings before I upgrade that ...

I'm almost afraid to play Oblivion in HD. I may not put it down, and that's coming from someone who's put 450-500 hours into the game, completed it once, and got all the achievements.

I may go back and redo some reviews to see if HD made any difference (Bankshot Billiards did look a bit better). It'd only be a point or two, and if so, I'll leave the original score ...

I like it. A large TV I can lift myself. I think the other two I have weigh close to what I weigh ... now I just need to work out the console arrangements. I may end up with everything except the 360 (and the Wii I preordered today) hooked up to the TV in the computer room.

Geek out.

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