Sunday, September 24, 2006

Idiot announcers

Bill Maas, for his comment about turnovers (that you remember the last one, but the others are equally important), is an idiot. He and his play-by-play guy were yapping over and over again about how a game can't end on a defensive penalty (St. Louis-Arizona), but I knew exactly what was happening. The punt returner called for a fair catch, and guess why? That's right. A free kick. So the TV idiots on the field had to get off the field, and the announcers were convinced that they'd make the punter kick again, not understanding that the penalty could simply be declined.

Fox apparently has no shortage of ignorant announcers. It was bad enough to get Ron Pitts again for the Detroit-Green Bay game. Dear Fox, here are some rule books, have your announcers study them.

So their next mistake was in insisting that the Cardinals had to be allowed their free kick, except that of course when the ref initially gave the option to St. Louis, he didn't tell them that if they declined the penalty, Arizona would get a free kick (granted, it would be about 75 yards, but you never know). So the refs explain it again, of course St. Louis accepts the penalty, kneels down on the untimed down, game over.

There are certainly some ex-players out there like Troy Aikman who actually understand the game. I don't see why the vast majority of the ones hired by Fox and CBS are idiots. And let's not even get into ESPN's crew ...

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