Friday, September 29, 2006

ESPN jumps the shark

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Surprise, surprise. Sports fans apparently aren't willing to pay out the ... um ... wallet to get content that they could already get through their current vendor. Raise your hand if you want real-time access to scores. Next, put your hands down if you have Web access on your phones. Who's left? Not enough people to sustain the operation.

Apparently the people who like watching video content on their phones aren't sports fans either. I don't see the allure in watching highlights on my phone. If I want highlights, I'll watch them on TV, and not on ESPN360, Mobile ESPN, or whatever failed venture they'll try next.

ESPN is like every other market dominator. Once they achieved the position they sought, they wept, because there was nothing left for them to conquer, so instead of ruling their lands, they set off to conquer other worlds. Hey guys, why not work on improving your existing content? You could start with your MNF team ...

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