Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weigh-in: Week 16, -1.6 pounds

This was more like what I was expecting. More exercise, less eating ... eventually it will develop into results. Next week should be good too: tonight I am supposedly playing four hours of volleyball (regular match, makeup match, subbing for two separate four-person teams).

Measurements did not go down, though ... what I figure is that for my waist, I'm slowly getting to the point where I can relax it completely. (Sucking in my stomach as a habit over the years of carrying excess weight leads to it not wanting to relax completely, and that can change it a half-inch or more.) My thigh probably did shrink and I just found the spot that is really the biggest to measure this time. When I did the Discovery Health Challenge, their book suggested that I measure my thigh three inches from the top of my knee, I think, so that I'd get a consistent measurement each time. I might do that, not sure ...

Additional measurements:
waist 39.5 (+0.25, -3.5 total)
thigh 23.375 (+0.125)


  1. That stupid eating is so important to the weight. Good Job! Are you bored of biking yet?

  2. Thanks! No, it's not something I'm likely to get bored with. I enjoy it; it's a good way to burn calories and stay in touch with people, and it's easy to set goals (miles, times up Riley's hill).


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