Friday, June 12, 2009


Here we are again. For the second consecutive June 12, I have my time to myself again.

But what a change it's been. A year ago, my severance had run out and there weren't a lot of fish on my lines. This time, well ... I have a few more resources.

My boss is very, very angry. Basically, someone well up the chain decided that my position is no longer needed. Unfortunately for him, that's not the case, but unfortunately for me, right now his opinion is the only one that matters.

So he had to let me go. But he did very right by me. Our paths may cross again, should things turn around. If not, well, it was 11 very nice months, and I've learned a lot from working there. I also have more people I'm proud to call friends.

Monday, or perhaps a little later in the week, I'll be back on the hunt. For now, I'm watching a miserable hockey game ...

but hey, look at the bright side ... I've got lots of time for riding!


  1. Wow...I hadn't realized that this had happened to you last year. Did you see it coming?

    I was feeling very emphatic for you when I read your post on facebook today. I understand as I had lost my job two and a half years ago but I was lucky to find a new one in a month.

    On the bright side if you are going to get laid off the summer is the perfect time for it to happen. Warm weather and loads of fun stuff to do outside.

    More riding should definitely be on our plates.

    I will check with our IT department to see if they need any new people.

  2. Last year, yes. This year, not at all ... in fact, my boss had been adamant that my job was safe. Of course he didn't have the final say, which is partly why he was so angry about it.

    Yeah, psychologically this is much better, especially now that I am riding. I will ride to the Y to work out during the day, and work on more distance so I can ride to the Monon and meet you guys there.

    I should have my resume reworked early next week. I may not do it here - I'm actually in Cincinnati for the weekend to do a little consulting (ironic ... I even got to leave work a little early to get a head start down here). Don't know how much work I'll end up doing this weekend, but I will have something early on if it turns out your department is looking.

    I also have a LinkedIn profile that I have updated.

  3. Boo! What a bummer. I'm pushing on the company website and MASTER DATABASE!!!!