Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Weigh-in 12: +0.5 pounds

Sorry, this is very late ... ems bugged me about it Friday or maybe even Thursday and I ended up forgetting again.

Anyway, this was the last of the official weekly weigh-ins. The next official one is the 24th, three weeks from tomorrow. We're doing unofficial weigh-ins weekly, to keep the rhythm going, so I'll continue to blog weekly.

My home numbers are staying pretty consistent, so I'm not too worried. As we getting into biking some more, that'll be more burned calories, plus I have three volleyball matches tomorrow (two of them are fours).

Overall, 13 pounds in 12 weeks. Mostly consistent, no really bad weeks, not the pace I'd hoped to set, but then again, I haven't tried to set a faster pace, so I'm getting out just what I'm putting in.

We'll see if I can drop 4-5 pounds a month ...


  1. I probably shouldn't encourage you but, YES more biking! Are you still going to the Y?

  2. I don't really have time for more biking right now, once or maybe twice a week is really all I can do ... I have not been going to the Y. Things will ease up in a week or so and it'll be easier to fit everything in.

    Besides, I do need to be somewhat careful. Starting a bunch of exercise (biking and volleyball) all at once can be a problem. I'm in pretty good shape, but not like when I was 37 and working out regularly ...