Friday, July 03, 2009

Weigh-in: Week 17, -1 pound

More good news: down a pound this week (18.1 overall) and half an inch on my waist (4 overall). I gave up on the thigh for now because a) there isn't a ton of fat there anyway and b) it's difficult to measure accurately. Besides, I have strong legs, so they're not going to shrink much even when my weight does come down.

So anyway, a good week, lots of volleyball and bicycling. This week, however, may be more of a challenge: four days out in Virginia with friends. In the past, I would probably have eaten 20 pounds of food or so in four days. This time, hopefully it will be much less. (I will confess to having donuts from Long's Bakery for breakfast. yum.)

I'm not tracking my calories – too many homemade meals to do accurately anyway – but I am trying to stay conscious of what I eat. The 8th will tell that story.

Either that or I'll be riding a century on the 7th. lol.


  1. Are you ready to ride a continuous 100 miles?

    Good job on another successful week.

  2. ha ha, no. 40 to 100 is much too big of a jump. 50, maybe.


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