Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weigh-in: Week 15, no change

Well, something threw a wrench into my weigh-in plans, so this week, my weight is based off my last week's weight at home. It seemed as though my work weight in the afternoon had been about 6 pounds heavier than my home weight in the morning, but last week, I weighed 174.4 at home and 182 at work. I wrote it off to daily variation and figured this week would clear things up ... but now without a work weight, we'll just have to use home weights.

Obviously I did work out this week, and I was careful with my calories, so it might seem as though I should have lost weight ... but my home weight climbed up right after last Wednesday and has been gradually dropping down. I suspect I'd weigh about 180.5 this week at work if I went back to weigh in.

No matter. Even if this is less progress than I've made, if I keep working, the weight will drop from here.

Additional measurements:
waist 39.25 (down 3.75 overall)
thigh 23.25 (first measurement)


  1. hmmmm....perhaps you are stuck with your home scale. If you feel that it is inaccurate you could purchase a new one, or just accept what it says.

  2. no no, that's not what I meant. The measurement itself was accurate; I've been weighing myself daily almost since the start of the contest, and I've used this scale for a long time.

    What I mean is that the circumstances leading up to the weigh-in last week weren't normal: there was less food in my stomach, or I was dehydrated, or in some other way my weight didn't reflect a normal Wednesday. This week, the weight feels right ... if I had weighed 176 last week, I'd have lost about 1.5 pounds, which feels about right, and would have matched the work weight (182, so I'd be about 180.5 now).

    That's the downside to weighing yourself once a week; one day can throw off your "progress" for two weeks.


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