Thursday, July 10, 2008

Progress, er, sort of

So on Tuesday I practiced Run to the Hills on Hard, and it didn't go so well. I tried again today, speeding up the pace, and this is what I found:

76% for the first fast part at 70% of normal speed from before, but
72% over the whole song at full speed.

Now, keep in mind that it only tracks notes hit and not extra notes hit, but still ... one of the problems I seem to have is matching the on-screen rhythm with my thought of the rhythm. Apparently I was going too fast? Who can tell? (It's really, really hard to tell what you're doing wrong when you're playing a fast passage.) The 72% is even better because I got really tired the second half of the song, plus I lost my rhythm and couldn't bang out the l-r-l, r-l-yellow r part much. (And I would miss bass drum notes somehow.)

Someday I'll get through this one. Then it'll be Next to You. (crap) But not today, or this week, or maybe even this month ...

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