Monday, July 28, 2008

Bug o' the day

This time, it's in online play. (Buggy as hell, not too laggy, well, except for today.) It's a conference game. I'm Purdue, he's Ohio State, and you can't really throw slants or drags if there's a defender anywhere in the vicinity, and my receivers are all slow guys, so I'm screwed, but we're pretty close early on.

Then I force a third-and-long, and he has to chuck the ball deep to a receiver who's a good three feet out of bounds when he catches the ball. Incomplete pass, fourth down, so he lines up to punt ... but wait! The booth is reviewing the call. (At least I think it was the booth. It could have been my opponent, I didn't check to see if he had any challenges left.)

They reverse the call. I didn't pause the game to check it myself, thinking it would show up in the highlights at the end.

Ha. Not quite. The play is missing. Completely.

If that isn't a steaming pile of <earmuffs>bullshit</earmuffs>, I don't know what is.

It didn't cost me the game, of course, but it was one hell of a swing, considering that he drove down and scored a TD to take a seven-point lead, and the next time I scored was a field goal as time expired.

<earmuffs>Fuck</earmuffs> EA.

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