Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am not a real drummer

Not at all. Slowed Run to the Hills down to 70% and I can still hit only 76% of the first fast part. I understand the rhythm now, but it's a lot to get through ... on the other hand, I can get the l-r-l-r l-r-l-r l-r-l-r l-r-l-r r-l-r-l-r part, mostly, but of course this is 70% again.

I don't think I will be able to get all the way through Expert drums before Rock Band 2 comes out. Or maybe ever. I would love to finish Expert guitar too, but I still can't get those stupid solos, even with the Strat. (I even failed a Boston song on Expert. boo.)

It may be break time anyway. Lego Indiana Jones is on its way, and I am working on Mario Kart Wii as well so that I don't suck so badly the next time I play.

Of course, I'm sure I'll be playing more this weekend. So by "break" I really mean "a day off from drumming because it kind of hurts my wrists to practice too much."

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