Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today at BWW

I almost forgot. There was a Clapping Guy at BWW today.

I'm sure you've seen one if you've ever been to a sports bar. A Clapping Guy is a guy who insists on celebrating everything his team does: in football, it's the guy who claps when his team scores, forces a punt, gets a first down ... sometimes even when they catch a pass. What makes them noticeable is that they do this when rooting for a team that no one else likes, or when watching a game that no one else cares about, or both. (Don't confuse this with Drinking Guy, who celebrates only because he can actually tell what's happening at that point in the game. Be very careful not to confuse this with Gambling Guy, who celebrates whenever his money does something well. Gambling Guy can be very dangerous, especially if he has bet against your team. Know him, respect him, fear him.)

Today, Clapping Guy was celebrating when the Sox (his team) drew a walk. Hey, I know Sox-Cubs is a big rivalry, but you know what? It's a 162-game season. You're an American League fan. A walk is insignificant in the context of the game.

Also, it's 4:30, and no one else in here cares. Clap for a grand slam. For a walk, sit down and shut up.

Fortunately, once the Sox had a big lead, Clapping Guy either left for good or disappeared until his friends showed up so he can drink for real.

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