Thursday, June 26, 2008


So I'm watching the NBA draft for their Fan Zone so I can fill out a survey afterward, and I've muted it now, because really, there's only so much Stuart Scott and Dick Vitale you can take at a time, and of course they still employ STEPHEN A. SMITH ...

And it's the Pistons' pick, and I see the top four available ... Chris Douglas-Roberts, good, they could play him at the two and trade Rip ... no, wait, D.J. White, and then McDyess can come off the bench again.

And they take him! Wow! I think it'll be a good matchup.

And then ESPN shows this graphic:

17.8 points, 10.1 rebounds (led SEC)

Are you kidding me? How stupid are you? Really? SEC?

Maybe it's a one-time error.


2008 1st-Team All-SEC

Wait till I get that survey. Whoever wrote the text for that graphic should be fired. If you can't match teams to major conferences, you shouldn't be doing television.

Edit: Noooooooooo ...

Proposed trade

Rights to D.J. White

32nd overall pick
46th overall pick

Are you kidding me? Why would you trade two for one unless you are blowing up and starting over?

Joe Dumars gets an F for this one.

Update: Okay, now that I've calmed down a bit and read some insight, I suppose it might not be such a bad deal. The guy Seattle "took" at 32 has skills ... the fact that he's a project scares me, but as someone at WIS pointed out, this is the same GM who saw value in Prince, Stuckey, and Maxiell, so perhaps I should wait a bit before pulling out my favorite Mel Kiper Jr. rant.

Also, as I read in the Detroit News, this means Detroit has no first-round pick and thus no guaranteed contracts to offer ...

Sorry, D.J. Hope you like Oklahoma City. (Seattle owners = thieving, lying bastards. Flip side = city of Seattle saves hundreds of millions on a new arena it doesn't need.)

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