Monday, June 23, 2008

So not RL, it's funny

So I'm playing WSOP 2008 on the 360 – basically, you play WSOP events and cash games in between – and of course I am low on cash because I am not that good at poker. (Sure, luck is a pretty big factor, but if you have less skill you need more luck, and I was losing hands on A-K suited and Q-Q ...)

When you play a WSOP event, afterward you might get a call from one of the pros at your table inviting you to a cash game somewhere else. You can play those games at any time to build up your bankroll so you can play in more events (unless you finish in the money, the WSOP events can drain you pretty quick).

My in-game cell rings, and it's Jennifer Tilly, telling me that she'll put up the money for me to play in a $5K cash game ... I'm not sure what was better about it, that it happened while I was trying to decide where to lose cash first, or that her in-game voice was too funny (Jennifer has lots of money, Jennifer will pay for you ...), but hey, playing with someone else's money, no problem.

Of course in real life, I would be imagining what I'd have to do to work off that debt ... yes, I know she's married, but it's my imagination, go find your own.

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