Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weigh-in 10: -0.5 pounds

Three straight weeks ... on the one hand, I think I'm limiting my caloric intake reasonably. It looks like I'm down to about 2150 calories a day, assuming that I need about 2400 to maintain my current weight. (Sometimes being a guy is nice: higher metabolism, more calories needed.)

On the other hand, Calorie Count thinks I should be around 2000 calories a day, which would cut out about one additional pound every three weeks. Also, the exercise has been tapering off. I keep finding excuses not to work out, although honestly it's almost always poor planning on my part.

Today it's not my fault, though. I will get to exercise, just not as much as I'd planned. With the rainout, instead of volleyball, I get a Y workout. And by volleyball I mean one fours match with one extra (at most) and one sixes match, possibly with extras ... but in any event, lots of cardio. Oh well.

Next week, I have the week of syzygy: volleyball, ColdFusion meeting, and homeowners' association meeting, all at once (literally - it's not even like I could go from a to b to c), and on a day where I have SQL class during the day and then have to drive down here for weigh-in afterward. yuck. It'll probably be the homeowners' meeting. I've lived there almost seven years and haven't been to one yet.

Volleyball will help, that's extra cardio on Wednesdays, especially if I ever do sub on the fours team. I just need to plan my days better, that's all.

And get my bike fixed, for reals. Then I can go riding with my readers. (Isn't that cool? For all you know, it would look like the Tour de France ... well, it will anyway, but more like the time trials than a normal leg.)


  1. Tour de France...more like Mosey through the English Countryside.

  2. Who needs the homeowners association meeting...I find it best to ignore my neighbors.

  3. Homeowners, schmomeowners. Volleyball all the way!! If you haven't been to a meeting in 7 years, who's going to miss you if you're not at this one?

    Tour de France indeed. If you show up in one of those tight yellow onsies and a bike helmet, not only will I not ride with you, I will take a picture, post it on Facebook and make fun of you mercilessly.

  4. You need to have at least a working relationship with them in case something bad happens ... you need to be able to smooth it over. Bad blood between neighbors is a bad thing.

    But yeah, the meeting is probably going to be a) blah blah blah and b) whine whine whine. So it'll likely be the ColdFusion meeting instead. (Not volleyball.)

    I don't think they wear yellow, at least not as a primary color. The maillot jaune wouldn't stand out very well. (The yellow jersey that the current leader of the race wears.)