Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So, while the business world continues to beat at my brain, the "outside" world is having a go at me.

Tonight is volleyball, which means we owe money. Fine, I'll bring a check or my checkbook ... except that of course I was running late and I forgot to bring it.

Okay, so I'll go out at lunch and get cash. Fortunately, B ended up going somewhere else and I didn't have her get me something. That would have been awkward at 6:00 when I had 30 minutes to get to the match on a 30-minute trip with little gas in the tank.

Well, I filled up, finally found a non-Chase ATM (not only does Chase suck in general, but the branch where I'd go has about four entrances, only one of which leads to the ATM machine. I tried the other three last time and gave up) ... and suddenly remembered that when my old debit card expired, I set a new PIN on the new one.

No idea what it was, and I didn't want my card eaten, so I gave up and came back to work. I can reset it online ... except I changed my password recently and couldn't remember it. So I had to reset that password to log in to reset the PIN. Which I did.

Now I can go get money. maybe. Normally, I manage this stuff well, but man, when I forget the wrong thing ...

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