Monday, September 15, 2008

Rock Band 2 live blog


Keep in mind I have been avoiding the setlist, so I don't really know what I'm going to play.

8:45 PM: got my guitarist and band set up. I may have to do vocals soon, though, because my first set includes:

Eye of the Tiger

Oh hell yes!

9:00 PM: Oh my goodness. I know an L7 song. Who knew?

Oh yeah, I forgot: great intro music, especially because I just saw Cheap Trick last week, and they did play that song!

9:07 PM: Switched quickly to vocals so I could sing. Very, very nice. Huge improvement over RB. Didn't even have to create a new character. (Five-starred Eye of the Tiger on Expert. Yeah, I'm that good. Modesty not required. :) )

9:30 PM: The sync process is much, much better. I finally feel like I'm actually playing to the music, both watching and listening. It's a quick process even if you don't have the new wireless controllers (those are supposed to sync automatically if you let them).

9:45 PM: Ugh. Beastie Boys. Couldn't they pick good rap?

Got my van. Hey, it's a newer one.

10:25 PM: Challenges. Very cool. Some for the band, some for guitar, some for vocals, some for drums, and YES! Some for bass! (Also, you can finally play the bass in "solo" mode – remember that there isn't a difference between solo and band play.)

Ratt: cool. (Way cool. Junior.) Go-Go's, yum!

End of night: I really like what they've done with this. The challenges are cool, and they do increase in difficulty, even for bass. Finally, we bassists get some love: there are most definitely difficult songs on here. (I can still manage Expert pretty well, though. Gold-starred Message in a Bottle. RL experience does help, you know.)

I want to keep unlocking stuff, but I suppose I need some sleep. Can't wait for the new drum set to arrive so I can work on drums ...

I saw that Ratt and the Go-Go's were also on Rocks the '80s. Hopefully they pulled a few more songs off that game. I played Bad Company and Billy Idol as well, very nice. I also like how my DLC from Rock Band shows up just fine. (Wonder if they fixed the problem with Blink.)

Too bad I've got plans all three days this weekend. Have to wait for the following weekend for a rockout.

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