Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Hell yes it's a great movie. I have it on DVD, so it must be good. (I don't have the other two. yet.)

Anyway, the good: met some of the Football Outsiders guys at the book signing event here in Indy, at the IUPUI bookstore/B&N. (Yeah, weird branding. Almost like B&N is pretending they don't actually run the school bookstore. Before you scream "Shady!", which it is, realize that there were already a number of shady college bookstore chains. B&N just joined the mess. Come to think of it, "shady" and "college bookstore" is probably redundant. Back on topic ...) Not too many folks there, so we got quality time with the FO guys, lots of good conversation. You missed out on that (and probably on the book, Pro Football Prospectus 2008), so check out the site.

The bad: I decided to check the duct from the dryer to the wall for lint buildup - thought I smelled a little moisture in the last dryer load.

Big mistake. For one thing, there wasn't anything to clean. at all. For another, I hate this task. My stupid flexible duct is held on by those stupid things that you have to pinch together to move. Removing = not a problem. Replacing = big problem, especially if you do not have strong hands and are not particularly skilled in such things.

Now, the guy who had this house built was pretty cheap, so I'm hoping there's a good way to get those replaced with something I can actually move easily. I would gladly pay to have that improved so I can do this regularly.

The ugly: Sunday. I can't wait until Ford sells the Lions.

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