Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Guess who's back, back again ...

Chocula's back, tell a friend ...

Woo hoo! Count Chocula! (I bought three boxes. Hey, it keeps for a long time. I may go back for more.) That means three things. One, lots of sugar in the morning! (Do not tell my dentist, my orthodontist, or my wellness counselor – since when is "wellness" a word? – I said that.) Two, it's Halloween season! And three, my birthday is just around the corner, which means a free dessert at BWW.

In other news, the NFL's website sucks. The shop is completely broken. I have to sneak onto a certain page the roundabout way or it won't load. (Also, IE is screwed up again on my laptop, no surprise. I hate to try IE 7 again because it broke my internet connectivity last time, and besides, IE 7 sucks, it has so many CSS holes ...)

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