Thursday, September 18, 2008

Apple = fail

What's the difference between Apple and Microsoft?

Apple doesn't think they do that stuff.

So now iPhone software 2.1 has been released, supposedly fixing issues with dropped calls and stuff like that (oh sure, I believe that) ... but of course you can't just update your phone, you have to update iTunes, and of course this is now a new version, so all of this other stuff changes and iTunes has to help you out with all that, and naturally it takes the focus and locks out other applications and wants you to close this app and that app and wants you to restart your computer even though this is XP and you aren't supposed to need to do that ...

and then after you get through all of that, you have to download and install the software for the phone. And then sync it. And all that.

This is progress? This is the stuck-up jackass on TV who smirks at you every time you think about buying a PC, because obviously anything made by Apple is so much better?

I'll tell you what. As soon as the ETF is out of the way, I'm gone. Not getting another iPhone, not using AT&T. This is crap.

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