Friday, November 30, 2007

Sports Cry

Bill Simmons is a tool.

Okay, to be fair, maybe he's always been a tool, and we were willing to overlook this because for a while, he wrote some pretty good stuff, or maybe he was really cool for a while, and this is just the True Boston Fan in him reawakening, or maybe it's simply bad timing.

Anyway, he has a post about how we just should all shut up and deal with the fact that the NFL Network sucked away a really good game from many, many households last night. Why? Because we get to see more games than we did 25 years ago.

I may be wrong, but it seems to me he's a bit too young to be dragging out the "In my day" arguments. Oh, and there's the minor point that his bosses pay for his television viewing, yes? So of course he doesn't care what network shows the games, he's going to see them all anyway.

Years and years ago, people warned about NFL games moving to cable (the Sunday night games), suggesting that the NFL was moving toward a strict PPV model. Of course, "everybody" shouted them down, pointing out how outrageous that would be. The NFL would never do that, would they?

Ironically, it's his '82 self to whom he writes this "letter". Maybe he should ask his '82 self if the NFL would be so stubborn as to ruin an entire season over labor disagreements. They'd never do that, would they?

At least this bit of blather replaced his usual Patriots blather. At least he had to tone down his anti-Colts rhetoric after the Super Bowl last year. Now he actually has to admit that that QB in Indianapolis is pretty good. With no qualifiers.

Okay. He hasn't done the "no qualifiers" part very well.

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