Friday, November 16, 2007

Restored faith in humanity shipping companies

Hey, what do you know? Sometimes things work out for you. I got home Thursday evening to find a note on my door from FedEx: 1st delivery attempt made. Very nice. (Sucks for the driver, though. Wonder if he really made the attempt Wednesday or if it just got logged incorrectly.) X marked by "signature required in person." Uh-uh. I signed anyway.

Friday morning, the cat goes to the clinic. I come back with her, and ta-da! There's the package on my doorstep. Excellent.

Thursday evening, while the FedEx debacle was winding down, I got the package I needed to set up for the other package I'm expecting.

Sadly, though, the latter is being shipped by a company previously unknown to me, one whose name was not mentioned favorably in other reviews. Naturally, they called when I was in a meeting and unavailable. I returned the call at 1:05, only to get an answering machine explaining that they'd call back between 9 AM and 1 PM or between 5 PM and 8 PM. Um, okay. I wait and call after 5, same thing, so I leave a message.

No call between 9 and 1 today. Oh well ... except that I get a call at 1:30. Pleasant surprise. It's them; they do the four-hour delivery window, so my package should arrive Tuesday morning. Too bad I'm taking the next week off ... it would be very interesting to see my new game on a large screen. But alas, I shall return to work that day.

Any chance it can snow?

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