Thursday, November 01, 2007

On the road again ...

Willie would be proud. Visiting the mountain mamma on my way east for the semi-annual anti-moderation party. My friend had this great idea: bring your 360 so we can play Guitar Hero.

No problem. Picked up an old Xbox carrier for $10 at McVan's (great used-games selection, by the way), packed it up along with my gig bag, and here I am, rocking out (quietly) in my hotel.

Brought some controllers in case we want to get into XBLA games, but I think it'll just be Guitar Hero. Maybe I can finally get some of those co-op achievements. :)

Props to Holiday Inn Express for having an open network (well, my end is secured) and allowing me to connect via wireless for the laptop and wired for the 360. Online achievements ftw!

Finished the first set on Expert and the third set on Medium. Why take the same path every time? Also picked up the Tone Deaf award. Four stars on Foghat. Go figure ... I remember seeing that at Macaw's back in the day ...


  1. You know, if you extended invitations for dinner every now and then, maybe you would have more co-op achievements completed...

  2. That's a good idea. The only problem is that I get confused and I can't remember which weeks you two are dating and which weeks you aren't.

  3. Low blow. Let's keep the gloves up. We're always dating. We live together. We have no choice.


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