Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm comin' home

Ozzy would approve.

Good times, good play. Got Medium finished with 5 stars. (Reign in Blood is misspelled and also sucks.) Also completed Medium on co-op. Strange, it didn't give us a different achievement for Easy. It was the first time I'd had someone else log in with their ID too ... it took a bit to straighten out, but then we got the achievements down.

Good end to the trip: a solid thrashing of the Broncos. Most points since putting up 55 on Chicago on Thanksgiving, 1997, and biggest win since, um ... a 44-0 shutout of Jacksonville in 1995. It may not be a playoff-caliber team in general terms, but literally, I think they are. Green Bay and Dallas are the only NFC teams with fewer losses, and even if those two combine to beat Detroit three times, wins at Arizona and at home against Kansas City put them at .500. They can compete with the Giants and Green Bay at home, maybe Dallas, and might play well at San Diego (wow, a warm-weather December game) and Minnesota. We'll see.

P.S. Although I'm not a true Colts fan, I do like them, so on behalf of Colts fans and the rest of the NFL ...

Dear Patriots,

Nobody cares. You're still cheaters.


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