Thursday, February 15, 2007

XBLA review: Paperboy (2/10)

So Digital Eclipse is at it again, this time with the classic non-standard game Paperboy. (Bicycle-handlebars controller not included.) It's a pretty good port of the original game, with three levels, seven days, a 20-house street, deliver to subscribers and mess with non-subscribers.

And, well, what else could you really do with it? There's a Co-op mode and a Versus mode, where you presumably play Paperboy with someone or against someone.

Yeah, that's about it. But wait, there's less.

Four of the twelve achievements are linked to Live play (two Versus and two Co-op).

The in-game leaderboard doesn't persist, so you don't even get to fill the board or work on the grand slam score.

Yawn. It's like the original, but worse. (The Xbox Live leaderboards apparently just keep your highest score across all levels, not one for each level and one grand slam score.) If you're a Paperboy fan, get an emulator instead.

zlionsfan's rating: 2 broken windows out of 10.

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