Friday, February 16, 2007


Achievements are big. Sure, we all knew it: every gamer who's any gamer has checked out sites like or to see what they're missing and where they stand. But now, even the minor media are taking notice. Sure, the Microsoft folks have blogged about it – hey, remember that Atari programmers never dreamed people would cruise around and shoot ships in Asteroids, so they couldn't see anyone getting more than 20,000 or so – but they blogged based on a story on Now Game Informer has a similar article. It's almost like people are noticing that gamers like to shoot for a) high scores or b) game completion and then brag about it.

Duh. That's why we get angry when games don't save high scores.

Sony, you better come up with something pretty quick, otherwise the four people who weren't Sony employees but still bought PS3s will stop playing them as soon as GTA IV comes out ...

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