Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Weigh-in: Week 26, -0.4 pounds

Not a bad week, considering that for the first time in months, I was actually working on-site rather than remotely. True, it was only for two days, but that meant two days of planning my eating before I left the house. It didn't go too poorly (I did lose a bit), but I was actually lighter than that earlier in the week.

Candace and ems and a few other are doing a health challenge among themselves this month: points for tracking what you eat, staying within your calorie limit, drinking water, losing pounds, etc. Working as part of a group is a good idea, but I wonder about competition sometimes (before you accuse me of hypocrisy, I'd like to point out that I chose a sustainable weight-loss pattern rather than one that would be more likely to keep me in contention). It works for some people, but I think there is a chance that with others, struggling in the contest may cause them to think about giving up entirely. With a mentor, though, you could probably overcome those obstacles, and then the competition might provide you with the kick you need to really start making progress on your own.

Hopefully they all see good results. It's a month-long contest, which means I'll be older when they are finished. ha ha. Hopefully I will be lighter too.


  1. Won't you always be older? Ha Ha

    I agree on the part of sustainability. I think that Lou and even Ems are making their calories extremely low to loose weight quickly. I am sticking to the plan that my trainer gave me so I don't think that I will do anything crazy. I just have to STICK to the plan!

    Part of my reason for the contest is to give each of us a support system and someone to talk with over our dieting woe's.

    Look at how much your challenge has helped you!

  2. right ... and it worked in part because my team had an active mentor. She had lost quite a bit of weight and has kept it off ever since, so she would stop by periodically and check on us, give us suggestions on things we could eat, forward us tips, that kind of thing.

    Even if some of you are simply out to win, you're probably going to be more successful in a group that is all working in the same direction than if each of you had tried it separately.


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