Friday, September 25, 2009

Ever wonder what I was like as a kid?

Now you know.

At one point in time or another, every single one of those questions, if asked about me, could have been answered "Yes".

I link to this not to say that I'm gifted blah blah whatever, but to show that while sometimes you might feel that articles like this aren't much more than horoscopes, other times they're pretty darn accurate.


  1. Were you recognized as "gifted" as a child or is this a current reflection of your past self?

  2. Yes, but more so in schools that were better equipped to handle gifted children. In Michigan, my elementary school was more flexible and had better resources. Down here, not so much, not through middle school. High school was better, plus by then I'd made friends with similar kids and that helped.

    I guess they wanted me to skip a grade early on in elementary school, but my dad was adamant that it not be done, and I think that was wise from a social perspective. I was already young for my age (I started when I was 4 because the cutoff in Michigan was December 1st), and if I'd skipped a grade on top of that, it would have been an issue, I think ... I already struggled to make friends.

    Then again, maybe I would have been more challenged in school. Who knows?

  3. I find it interesting the path's we choose to take as kids and teenagers.

    I also find it interesting that the schools were better in Michigan than in Indiana. In my head I think of Michigan as being backward and not education driven.

  4. Well, you should keep in mind that I am talking only about five schools: an elementary school in Michigan, two in Indiana, and then a middle school and high school in Indiana. I can't speak for either state as a whole, especially not because I graduated from high school in 1985. I doubt any of my experience would be relevant now.

    I do think it's interesting that you have that picture of Michigan. Is it maybe related to the parts of Michigan that you've visited? (There are definitely heavily-populated areas, like where I lived, and sparsely-populated areas.)

  5. I think about Detroit and the automotive industry.

  6. Personally, I never outgrew this one, "Is your child emotionally intense, oppositional and defiant toward you and other adults?"

    I find the differences between school when I was a kid, and school now fascinating. What could my (or your) parents have done to make you care more? Challenged you in activities outside of school, do you think?

  7. Yes, I think that would have helped me. I don't know if it would matter what the activities were (like sports vs. non-sports) ... I seem to recall that they didn't really bring up the idea of extracurricular activities at all. But my brother was pretty heavily involved in them ... then again, that might have been his personality vs. mine. I was/am much less likely to seek them out.

    But anyway, I was definitely not challenged. A challenge in some aspect of my life might have helped with the class issues ... then again, maybe it would just have made them worse?


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