Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Weigh-in: Week 22, -1.2 pounds

A decent week, although I am wondering if perhaps some of this is coming from whatever I may be coming down with ... nonetheless, I'll take it. Weight under 170 for the first time in a long time. My waist is shrinking reasonably well, and my clothes are fitting better (well, some of them are going in the other direction and will be replaced by smaller clothes).

I'm really not doing much weight training, though, so I need to start on some of that. It'll be easier to maintain a lower weight if I can get my metabolism up in part by adding muscle. Not much, just a reasonable amount ... I don't care to look like a weightlifter, but I would like to have reasonable upper-body strength.

Weight training would slow the weight-loss process and perhaps raise the "floor" (the lowest reasonable weight I could maintain), but that's fine. 154 was a number I picked out of thin air. If I can maintain a healthy weight at 164, that's fine too.


  1. The ice cream didn't even hurt you. Did you ever figure out how to store the information on your new Timex?

  2. Correct. It is possible that there was too much for me to digest properly, or it might also be that I've cut back on my calories enough that I can add an extra 600-800 once a week or so and not suffer too much.

    I'm betting on the former.

    Yes, I think I know how it works now, but I didn't take it with me to Midwest, which is just as well ... I may possibly be coming down with a flu-like something, so I'm sure my heart rate was higher than it needed to be, and it might have implied that I was burning more calories that I really did.


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