Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Progress on the ESPN front

Buried at the end of today's ombudsman column on ESPN.com is the following:

I have been remiss in not using this column to relay to ESPN the unanimous dislike my correspondents have expressed for a certain Interactive Tuesday feature employed during college football and basketball games. They have called the top screen scrolls of text messages from viewers silly, bothersome, worthless and "the dumbest, most distracting gimmick I've ever been subjected to." After the Feb. 10 Marquette-Villanova game, fed-up fans of both teams mounted a write-the-ombudsman campaign that outweighed, by far, any mail I received about the A-Rod coverage. Thanks for the feedback, but you can stop now. You have been heard, loud and clear.

Outstanding! Great work, everyone! (I wish I could take credit for the comment she mentions; it sounds like something I submitted, but unfortunately I didn't keep a record of it.)

Now if only ESPN listens ...

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