Sunday, February 01, 2009

Listing slightly to starboard

Or port. I can't remember, I don't drink any more.

ha ha.

I was working on my homework – discussion can be very difficult for me at times because it's tough for me to focus sometimes on subjective work, and unfortunately virtually all of my work is subjective right now – when I noticed something odd about one of the cats. I had to fight them off to keep the space around the balance board clear. Josie stayed on the drum throne, but Calle returned to the floor as soon as I was done. Well, actually, as soon as I stopped watching her, she sat right in front of the balance board, and stayed there after I moved it back to its resting spot by the TV.

Calle was in her usual paws-and-tail-tucked-under position, but she was leaning toward her left side, somewhat unnaturally. I thought I'd check to see what was going on, just in case, so I got down on the floor, and she suddenly sat up straight and looked at me like "I know what I was doing. What did you think I was doing?"

And by "sat up straight" I mean "returned to a vertical position without moving paws or tail."

So basically, she was starting to roll to one side as she fell asleep. I thought only people did that. ha ha.

And I looked it up. It's port. I'm not exactly a water person, give me a break.


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