Saturday, November 29, 2008


So we're off to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving, but of course we want to eat something as we get started. (Proper Thanksgiving planning means eating early enough in the day that you'll be hungry when it's time.) She wants McDonald's, I'm fine with pretty much anything, so we decide we'll go to the one at 131st and 37.

But it's not open. Okay, we head to 69 ... but as we pass the 116th offramp, we see the one near the SuperTarget is open. (Maybe, it sure looked open, though.)

Oh well, too late. So we stop at 96th, knowing that if that's not open, we'll hit Einstein or Panera, both of which are open.

We pull up and get out. I try the door - it's locked. But there are cars in the drive-thru, so it must be open. We get in line and wait.

It seems to take forever, but finally we get up to the screen, which is politely waiting to take our order, but we don't hear anything.

So we wait. And we wait.

And suddenly, I have a thought. I say, "What if they're not open?" We look at each other, and now everything makes sense ... everyone else who's stopped by tries the door, then sees a car in the drive-thru, so they get in line. It's fall, so everyone has their windows rolled up until they get in line.

The car in line waits until they realize they won't be waited on, so they drive around ... and see that it's dark inside because it's actually closed. But nobody goes back and tells the people waiting in line ... (we didn't either).

We go to Einstein and eat. On our way back, she asks me how many I think are in line. I think, add a few, and say 7.

There are about 15 in line, going through both drive-thru lanes.

We're sheeple.

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