Monday, April 02, 2007

Guitar Hero's Eve

The two-player version is sitting in the UPS Indianapolis hub right now. (The irony is that even though the hub is about 5 miles from my house, I can't drive over there and pick up my package. They'll have to drive over here, and if I'm unlucky, I'll have to sign for this one too, meaning that they'll drive over here, not find me even if I take a late lunch, drive back, and then I still won't be able to pick it up until Wednesday. Boo UPS.)

Also, my GameStop order hasn't shipped yet. I strongly suspect that it won't ship tomorrow either. Good. That'll make it easier to cancel.

Anyway, it may all be academic, pardon the pun. I'm starting work on a master's in software engineering, so I won't have that much free time at first anyway. Actually, I already started: the quarter begins today, so I already have my first assignment. (I kind of messed up my search for the books I need, but they're coming overnight from Amazon, so they'll be here tomorrow via DHL, which means I know I'll get them. $8 extra for overnight. In these situations, being a Prime member is worth it. However, one thing hasn't changed in 16 years. Textbook prices still suck.)

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