Sunday, April 22, 2007

More suckiness

So today, I've conceded that Ervin Santana is off to a bad start, as is my team, so I'm going to drop him for a better pitcher.

Except I can't, because Fox baseball still thinks it's Saturday, so all my players are locked. (Yes, their system is so dumb it can't see beyond the current day.)

So I sent in a ticket, and I'm sure it will be resolved, just not in time to make the switch. If I'm really unlucky, I won't even be able to pick up that player.

On top of that, while I was refreshing the page to see if the locks would release, it locked up Firefox. (Fox has crap on some of its pages that never finishes loading. That may or may not be a factor.)

On a much smaller scale, I have 15 items in my GameFly queue, including a few that would just be mildly interesting. None are in stock. So much for the Pittsburgh distribution center making a difference.

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