Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random thoughts

  • I make a quick trip to Kohl's to make slight updates to my wardrobe for my impending on-site contract. I return about 3:15 to find that cats are asleep on various pieces of furniture.

    Suddenly, Calle wakes up, and apparently this sequence of thoughts runs through her head: "mid-afternoon ... the car just pulled into the garage ... OMG HE'S TAKING ME TO THE VET!!!!" She jumps off the couch and does her stealth run (not at full speed, tail down) into the bedroom to hide in the corner. (Apparently it wasn't all-out avoidance mode, because she wasn't under the bed.)

    I went into the bedroom and found her, petted her for a little bit, and returned to the living room. Shortly after that, she came out to confirm that she knew all along I'd just been to the store and that this was no big deal.
  • I love when the water company actually comes out to your house to read the meter instead of just estimating it and discovers that your "water usage" for the money is 0. (Once it was less than zero, and no, I didn't get money back. The variable cost is actually relatively low here compared to the fixed cost per month, at least for a single person.)
  • I hold a very dim view of people who park on the street when they have four perfectly good parking spaces already, especially during snow season. Thanks to some jerks at one end of the neighborhood, we have a narrow one-lane road instead of a wide two-lane road. I keep hoping that someone will careen through late at night and scrape away half of the offending cars, but it hasn't happened yet; fortunately, I've also yet to see an accident between cars trying to squeeze through that gap late at night.
  • About Brady Hoke: I don't know. He is not the person I'd have chosen, but then my job doesn't depend on the next Michigan coach winning 10 games and punishing Ohio State the way the NCAA ought to be.[1] Hoke does want the job, doesn't need a lot of money (yet), and did oversee improvements at both of his previous stops. Fixing defense and special teams should be easy – they can't get much worse – but if the offense undergoes a significant decline, especially if Hoke and Borges eschew the spread for an old-school attack, Hoke's tenure might be short.

[1] I may be wrong, but I don't recall the use of complementary cars being standard for all students at Purdue. Maybe I went to the wrong dealership. (return)


  1. Silly Calle having flashbacks. I can just see her flipping her collar up and acting cool like she didn't just freak out.

    Before I had a roommate I often only had to pay the minimum charge and rarely even hit the minimum water usage. I miss those days.

    I have mixed thoughts on the parking on the street thing. See I have this roommate who parks in the street because I don't like to share the garage or driveway. Except I get mad at her for not moving her car out of the way of the plow because that means I have to go out and and shovel the plow mess in front of my mail box so I can continue to get my mail. So I don't want to share but I don't want her on the street. Hm...I sense a pattern here;)

  2. Candace does laundry like three times a day and never hit the minimum usage? I call shenanigans.

    I park in the street. But then, I live on a really wide street. And also, I have AWD for when I get plowed in. I think what you need to wish for is for these people to get plowed in. Cuz that sucks.

  3. The problem is that the worst offenders don't care if they get plowed in. Their cars will sit on the street for weeks at a time.